April 17, 2009

I’ve decided to start a blog, borne of my desire to understand living in the post-modern world. I’m acutely aware of how pointlessly intellectual that sentence sounds, and I daresay if I did a few pompous restaurant reviews which escape the mentioning of food entirely these two components would suffice to get me a job as a critic for the Guardian. Not quite those two, however. The previous knowingly self-deprecating sentence would also be requisite.

This is just a quick post to establish why I be blogging. I was initially intending to expound some more on my conceited first sentence, but I’ll do it properly some time soon, that way I won’t feel constrained by the need to feel breezy because it’s only my first post.

Primarily I just want a place and a challenge for me to record and form my thoughts, because the post-modern engine driving this world makes me confused to the point where I have to write things down to understand what I think about said things because in such a world, to qoute one Princiapal Seymour Skinner “Noone is beter than anyone else and everybody is the best at everything”. Blogging seems the natural medium for my my words, and I hope you will feel free to chip in when’ere and make me think about how clever/bad/flimsy (it will be mostly clever) my musings are.

There will also be links, because I like reading other people’s blogs and clicking on words in a sentence and going places, its chic.


3 Responses to “Prologue”

  1. Clare said

    i am a your biggest fan

  2. Clare said

    wow. my grammar

  3. Boba Fett said

    ‘Directionless, flippant, stabby musings’ apt words indeed. I spent close to two whole minutes scouring your blog for anything particularly enlightening, inspiring or even vaguely noteworthy; all to no avail. I shall return in the (probably vain) hope that you may prove worthy of my readership. Yet I am struck by a sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, you have already lived up to your full blogging potential? Only time will tell. Don’t blow your chance.

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